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A Periodic and Isotope Table program for your PC
The Elements and Isotopes is a comprehensive application that will display information from the Periodic Table and the Table of the Isotopes.

Along with detailed displays for each element including spectra data,shell diagrams, ionization levels, crystal structures, orbitals, X-ray data, chemical data, element usage, Regulations and health data, you may plot trends for the elements, create file extracts of selected data fields that you can import into Excel or Word, store your own custom defined data fields for each element, view atomic spectra, and many more features.

For the Isotope Table nuclear data is available for each isotope along with decay trees, level schemes, decay chains, and Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data Files (ENSDF).

Very affordable for any student with our personal and education pricing schedule. An excellent program not just for a chemist but anyone with an interest in science.

A demo version of our Periodic Table SoftwareThe Elements and Isotopes is available for you to download so you may view the wealth of information available at your fingertips.

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